OMFRC-Newsletter-March 2017

In This Issue:
Metis Community Resources – How to Construct a Long-Lasting Traditional Bow – CreeFoodTv: Traditional Pemmican – 26 Plants You Should Always Grow Side-By-Side – Winnebago Paddles – Indigenous Author Bev Sellars Hopes to Spur More Aboriginal People To Write – When Indigenous Healing Practices Meet Modern Medicine CBC Unreserved – The Incredible Legacy of Susan La Flesche, the First Native American to Earn a Medical Degree – On The Blog: The Genocide of the North American Indian – Mi’kmaq Craftsperson to Teach Birch Bark Canoe Building in Millbrook – On The Blog: Solving the “Indian Problem” – Assimilation Laws, Practices, and Indian Residential Schools – Families Divided After Ottawa Tells Thousands They’re Not Indigenous – On The Blog: Residential Schools in Canada – Metis Scholarships and Bursaries