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The Painted Feather Woodland Métis

Painted Feather Woodland MétisOur record keeping and status operating organization is known as the Ontario Métis Family Records Center Inc. (OMFRC).  But our community membership is known as the Painted Feather Woodland Métis.  There is a deep meaning behind this name and why it applies to our people.

The eagle feather symbolizes Aboriginal culture.  Picture in your mind a beautiful eagle feather, painted white, but with only a few small patches of the magnificent feather pattern showing through. This represents today’s Métis people.  On the surface we may appear to be white, but parts of our Aboriginal heritage are visible if you look closely.

Our people come from many different backgrounds and locations across the country.  The link we all share is our Aboriginal heritage and history, and our knowledge that we are stronger together.  It’s the richness of our diversity, while maintaining that strong link to history, that makes the Painted Feather Woodland Métis a very special group of people – united in our uniqueness.  We are one people, one community.