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Our organization is run by volunteers. The more people who are willing to help us, the more we are able to do. Our volunteers are free to say yes or no to any project and to work at their own pace. We are very grateful for their help and don’t ask them to do anything that doesn’t interest them. There is no pressure, only gratitude.

Simply sending us your family history can be a great help to our members. A single aboriginal 400 years ago can have thousands of descendants. You may have that little piece of information that is so important to countless others.

Our family tree researchers are a very important part of the organization. They are of course free to say yes or no to any project and to work at their own pace.

We are always looking for people to write short biographies about aboriginal people or to contribute articles for our websites or newsletter. Historical accounts of events associated with aboriginal peoples are also appreciated. If you enjoy writing, we will be putting together various booklets and books relating to aboriginal people and events.

Just sending us interesting newspaper clippings helps our staff keep up to date on current First Nations and Métis events and we will add them to our calendar. If you find websites of interest with regard to First Nations and Métis peoples please send them to us at and we will review them for our Facebook Page and Newsletter.

We would like to have French versions of our website. If you are willing to translate even a small portion of our site,  it would be extremely helpful. We will also need people fluent in French to respond to e­mails, letters and phone calls.

Photographs of your aboriginal ancestors that we could add to our Historical Image Calendar would be wonderful. Nothing breathes life into your ancestor like a picture does. Let others share in the pleasure of seeing your photos. Submissions can be sent to  Please provide as much information as possible so we can give them great descriptions and everyone knows who they are looking at.

We always require writers for our newsletter, no matter if you are willing to contribute a single article or to write on a regular basis. If there is something that is of interest to you that would be appreciated by others in the community, let’s talk about it. Here’s your chance to share your views or to join with others of similar interests.

If you don’t want to get involved but have ideas that you think would be of interest to our members, let us know. We are always open to suggestions that will help us to better serve our members and the Métis community in general. If you are having trouble finding answers to your questions, others probably are too. We can try to answer those questions.