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Metis Status Application

Please visit our Membership Renewal page for details about renewing your membership. Please do not fill out the below application form.

Please do your best to fill out your Métis Status application with as much information as possible.   Fields that are required are marked with a red asterisk.  You cannot move forward in your application unless the required fields are filled out.  If you are having an issue, check that you’ve completed everything required.

Once your application has been submitted and received, our office will be calling you to confirm your family history and payment, and you also will need to provide a copy of your Birth Certificate, a copy of your photo ID (i.e. Passport, Driver’s License) a photograph (all instructions provided in Welcome email), and your signed declaration.

If are have knowledge of any family member(s) who are already registered with our community, please make sure we are made aware of this by specifying their name, relationship to you, and, if they have shared it with you, their OMFRC Membership ID number in the Additional Information section at the end of the application.

If you are simply looking to contact us for a callback, please use the form located on the top menu, indicated by the envelope icon. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A FEE FOR MEMBERSHIP. For membership pricing information, please see our Membership Pricing page. When you have completed your application, we will review it and call you to confirm and finalize the information you have submitted and to process your payment. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Email transfers, and PayPal.

If you would prefer to download the application to print, fill out, and scan, please find it here: Status Application Form.  Please email the completed form to along with a copy of your birth certificate, your photo (for your card) and your signed declaration with the title “Status Application.”

Please make sure to download and sign your declaration.  Find the declaration here.

Full Name (If you do not have a middle name, put a period in the box.)*
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Father's Status:
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Paternal Grandfather's Information
Paternal Grandfather's Name:
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Paternal Grandfather's Birthplace:
Paternal Grandfather's Place of Death:
Paternal Grandfather's Status
Paternal Grandfather's Date of Death (YY/MM/DD)
Paternal Grandmother's Information
Paternal Grandmother's Name
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Paternal Grandmother's Date of Death (YY/MM/DD)
Paternal Grandmother's Place of Death
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Mother's Name
Mother's Birthdate: (YY/MM/DD)
Mother's Birthplace
Mother's Status
Mother's Date of Death (YY/MM/DD)
Mother's Place of Death
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Maternal Grandfather's Information
Maternal Grandfather Name
Maternal Grandfather Birthdate (YY/MM/DD)
Maternal Grandfather Birthplace
Maternal Grandfather Status
Maternal Grandfather Date of Death (YY/MM/DD)
Maternal Grandfather Place of Death
Maternal Grandmother Information
Maternal Grandmother Name
Maternal Grandmother Birthdate (YY/MM/DD)
Maternal Grandmother Birthplace
Maternal Grandmother Status
Maternal Grandmother Date of Death (YY/MM/DD)
Maternal Grandmother Place of Death
Additional Information
Maternal Grandmother Maiden Name:

If you experience any issues with this form, please make sure to check that you have filled out all required fields.  For any other questions regarding your Métis Status application or eligibility, please contact us at 613-332-4789