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About Us

There are many individuals looking for a source for their Certificate of Aboriginal Status cards (sometimes referred to as a Métis card or Métis status card).  The primary focus of the Ontario Métis Family Records Center Inc. (OMFRC) is researching and documenting the aboriginal and Métis families of North America.  Our vast record collections put us in the ideal position to issue the cards.

A sample of a Status Certificate Card from the OMFRC.

A sample of Certificate of Aboriginal Status.

These cards are sometimes referred to as an Indian status card, certificate of Indian status, native card or native status card.  There are distinctions between the terms.  Some are issued by the government, others by bands, and still others by Métis organizations or Métis associations.  Our cards were initially aimed primarily at the Ontario Métis but are now available to anyone with aboriginal ancestry.   Your membership fee will help to fund our research.

The OMFRC’s main focus is to document and preserve First Nations and Métis family history.  The OMFRC was founded by Art Haines with the help of a great many people who shared his goals.  We hope to someday have all aboriginal and Métis records in our files.

Art had been documenting his own extended family for forty years and has spent over three decades researching aboriginal and Métis families in an ever-increasing area that now includes all of North America.  The OMFRC now has an extended network of volunteer researchers who add to our files on a daily basis.

In late 2006 Art was asked to issue the Certificates of Aboriginal Status cards.  In February of 2007 the OMFRC was formed to do this.  Another new organization, the Métis Family Records Center, or MFRC, has also been organized.  This organization issues cards in other parts of Canada and throughout the United States.

Other Métis organizations require you to provide full documented proof linking you to your aboriginal ancestor.  We take a different approach.  If you don’t have full documentation, we try to confirm your Métis status from our own records.  There are many Métis who simply can’t get the official documents demanded by other groups.  We don’t feel that fact should exclude them from being recognized.

When we receive an application we search our records to confirm the information you give us.  Your Certificate of Aboriginal Status card is issued if we are able to connect your family to our files.  There is no charge for this search, and your membership fee  is refunded in full if we can’t confirm your information.