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The Daniels Decision

Supreme Court Decision
Daniels v. Canada
(Indian Affairs and Northern Development)

The recent Supreme Court Ruling on the Daniel’s case is a historic decision that will deeply impact all Metis communities. This is simply the first step – the establishment of a proper framework for the Metis people to move forward. In these early days, it’s hard to truly estimate the depth of impact this decision will have over the long term.

For the OMFRC – Painted Feather Woodland Metis, a community of over 10,000, this decision allows us to move forward and continue the work we have been doing to advocate for our people on multiple fronts. We join in celebration with all of our brothers and sisters from all the Metis nations across Canada.

Click here to read the full ruling.

Dr. Sébastien Malette, Assistant Professor – Department of Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University (…) speaks about the ruling – in plain, constructive language for the everyday Métis in this video.