OMFRC-Newsletter-June 2017

In This Issue:
On The Blog: Native Schools – How to make Bear Grease & What is Bear Grease For? – Using Traditional Crafts to Fight the Effects of Colonization – Cree Elder Bertha Skye Sharing Knowledge about Birch Trees As Medicine – London Public School Unveils New Indigenous-Inspired Playground – Grand Chief Membertou’s gourd part of exhibit on Mi’kmaq, French History – There is no DNA Test to Prove you’re Native American – Looking White and Being Aboriginal – Blackfeet Researcher Leads her Tribe Back to Traditional Foods – Lifelike Portraits Tell Northern Indigenous Stories of ‘Incredible Resilience’ – Artists and Activists use Twitter to Highlight 150 Years of Indigenous Resistance – METIS UPRISING ONTARIO 1849 – Science Corner: European Diseases Left a Geneti Mark on Native Americans