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The Painted Feather Woodland Métis Community Welcomes You!


The Painted Feather Woodland Métis Community Welcomes You!


The recent Supreme Court Ruling on the Daniel’s case is a historic decision that will deeply impact all Metis communities. This is simply the first step – the establishment of a proper framework for the Metis people to move forward. In these early days, it’s hard to truly estimate the depth of impact this decision will have over the long term.

Métis Status

What does it mean to be Métis? If you have Aboriginal history, gaining Métis status isn’t always easy. We make the process simpler with step-by-step assistance.

Painted Feather Information

Who are the Painted Feather Woodland Métis? We invite you to learn more about our community and the incredible people in it.

Community Resources

We have compiled a wonderful list of Métis resources. From education, housing, and business opportunities and assistance to spiritual resources, you will find what you are looking for in our resource listings.

Newsletter Archive

Feathers In The Wind

Family Research Basics

Family research can be a daunting task – especially when researching Aboriginal History. Check out this handy primer on the basics of doing family research for your own family tree.

Historical Image Gallery

In the course of research, our researchers sometimes find fantastic pictures and drawings. Here, we share ours, and ask that you share yours as well. Enjoy our Historical Image Gallery!