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‘It’s a sign of respect’: Non-Indigenous U of R PhD student writes thesis abstract in Cree – How To Make Delicious Wine, Coffee, Jelly, and Even Bread from Dandelions – Tecumseh: The Last Warrior – Native Tribes Into One Nation (Movie) – When Sweat Lodge Was Human – When It’s Okay (or Not) to Feed Birds – Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation hosts Canadian military to celebrate friendship -On The Blog: Laura Secord and the Natives – Heroes of Canada – ‘We’re reclaiming our heritage’: The controversial rise of the Eastern Metis – On The Blog: The National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C. – These Asian hunter-gatherers may have been the first people to domesticate horses – The surprising connection between 1938 recordings and the Anishinaabe woman who tracked them down – Looting of Metis Possessions Poses Barrier to Reconciliation
‘A dark history’: -Muskowekwan First Nation fights to save former residential school building