OMFRC-Newsletter-March 2018

Saving the Nokota horse breed, a descendent from Sitting Bull’s horses, from extinction (Video)-A woman spent 14 years photographing our planet’s oldest trees, and here are the results- Educational Tool: Treaties and the Treaty Relationship – How To Build A Root Cellar-Tutorial – Indigenous woman wins 50 kilometer race wearing a skirt and sandals – On The Blog: The Life And Times of Catherine Annennontak – From residential school to one of Manitoba’s 1st Indigenous nurses – On The Blog: Blankets, Beads and Birch Bark; The
“Quintessential” Eessentials of Early Metis History” – University of Victoria to offer world’s first degree program in Indigenous law – What do Indigenous mythologies and Biblical creation stories have in common? – – Métis Bursaries and Scholarships 2018 – For Indigenous people, ‘Indian Horse’ is much more than a movie