OMFRC-Newsletter-February 2018

In This Issue: A Member Writes – Picking Save and Great Advice from an Elder (Video) – Antidepressant Microbes in Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy – Meet the Native American Artists Whose Hand-Beaded Skate Shoes Have Become A Sensation – ‘One In A Million’ yellow cardinal spotted in Alabama – Traditional Foods & Recipes on the Wild Side (PDF) – Dogs in the Early Americas: The unbreakable bond with Native Americans and Dogs – Celebrating Black History Month:..George White, African Native American in Congress (1852-1918) – On The Blog: Marie Miteouamegoukoue and Pierre Couc-Lafleur – Founders of A Legacy – Metis Bursaries and Scholarships 2018 – “Many don’t understand that Metis Communities were destroyed”, human rights museum launches tour devoted to Metis history – ‘This is epic’: HIstorical novel traces Metis author’s family history with Louis Riel – I Journeyed Deep Into Indigenous Knowledge to Seek The Human Spirit