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OMFRC-Newsletter-September 2017

In This Issue: Native American Student Proves Traditional Chokecherry Pudding is Medicine – How to be Healthy with Native American Remedies – Proposed Citizenship Oath Change Prompts Some To Call for More Education About Indigenous People – Hurricane Irma Unearths Historical Dugout Canoe in Indian River in Brevard – Delicious Indigenous Recipes – Burn a Bay Leaf In Your House. The Reason? You’ll be Amazed – 5 Reasons Natives Have Lustrous Locks: Ancient Indigenous Hair Remedies- “A real agent of change’; Former senator Thelma Chalifoux remembered at Metis Wake – History Matters: Treaty Six promises were quickly broken – An Indigenous Woman’s View of the National Gallery of Canada – Montreal adds Iroquois symbol to flag, strips British general of street name – HIstory, science, and the ‘Year of Two Winters’; uncovering the secrets of Dene migration – Ancient Pottery Reveals Insights on Iroquoian Population’s Power in the 16th Century – On the Blog: Cultural Safety Training Manual – The Story of How the Chicken Dance Came to the Blackfoot people – Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings