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OMFRC-Newsletter-May 2017

In This Issue:
The Story of SkyStone Turquoise and the Meaning to Native Americans – Dr. Dale Auger Encouraged Artists to Get Out of Their Comfort Zones – How to Make Delicious Wine, Coffee, Jelly and even Bread from Dandelions – N’we Jinan Artists – “THE HIGHWAY” (Video) – 10 Ways to Listen to Trees – Cree Elder Talks About How the Natives Used Rat Root to Cure Diseases (Video) – Vancouver’s Indigenous Community Fights to Save Native Plants at Risk – On The Blog: Etienne Pigarouiche : Tent Shaker – Why Native Americans Do Not Separate Religion from Science – Remarkable New Evidence for Human Activity in North America 130,000 Years Ago – Teaching Garden Will Grow Indigenous Culture – Lost Generations – Indigenous Kids Were Healthy Before They Were Sent to Residential Schools: Study