November 2016 Newsletter – Feathers In The Wind

In This Issue:
-Lest We Forget: Francis Pegahmabow
-How to Make A Feather Hair Clip
-Gerald Gloade’s Nickel Unveiled at Millbrook First Nation
-Metis Cookbook
-Jane Fonda at Standing Rock
-Anishinaabe Stories about the Mischievious, Wise Grey Jay
-On The Blog: The Church, The Company, and a Special Child
-Growing Up Indigenous When You Don’t Look It
-The Many Names of the Metis: Here’s More About the Chicot
-Mni Wiconi – The Stand At Standing Rock
-A Member Writes
-Science Corner: Stereotypes about Native Americans and Alcohol Debunked
-Historical Drama Frontier Tells story of “Invasion” of Northern Ontario